By Marysol TAB Houston

It was a tough loss for the Houston Texans on their first game. After all the hype with the HBO Special “Hardknocks”, big plays were expected of this team who had the eyes of the country on them during Training Camp and Pre-Season. Texans played the Kansas City Chiefs and suffered a loss of 27-20. Brian Hoyer, named starting quarterback over Ryan Mallet, struggled since the very first possession of the Texans offense. With only 18 of 33 pass attempts and two turn overs, Hoyer failed to move the offense and get scoring drives. In the last quarter of the game with only 6:10 remaining, Ryan Mallett replaced Brian Hoyer and was able to move the offense enough to complete a touchdown and a field goal that was still ultimately not enough to win the game. Head coach Bill O’Brien did not provide any information or clarity on who will be starting quarterback though, Ryan Mallett is definitely still in the race. MVP nominee and 1st place in the NFL Top 100 Players 2015, J.J. Watt had a record day despite the Houston Texans loss. With two sacks and nine solo tackles, Watt was is well on his way to another record setting season.
11995961_10153184186991314_7325498683669009548_nIn order for the Houston Texans to move forward and have a successful season a head quarterback needs to be established. Being indecisive will only bring miscommunication in the team and cause chaos during games. The Texans play the Carolina Panthers week 2, Ryan Mallett needs to be the starting quarterback in order to come out the victors. Mallett brings momentum the team needs in order to win games. Along with the veteran running back Arian Foster, who is hopefully returning soon from the disabled list, Houston Texans still has the possibility to have a very successful season and a glance of the post season once again.